Natural Hemp Botanicals TreeConnie Burgstahler is the creator and founder of Natural Hemp Botanicals. Connie is a natural born healer, nurturer, and an accomplished massage therapist and energy worker. She specializes in Cancer Massage and works with clients from all stages of their healing. She is also accomplished in, Scar Mobilization, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral, and general massage for her clients.

Her passion for helping people led her to this point in time. She has created a company with products that are designed to work specifically on bringing people back to homeostasis and mobility. Helping them to have a less painful/stressful life. She started working on the formulation for her products back in late 2014, due to the needs of her cancer clients that were enduring health issues from their treatments.

Moving forward, Connie’s vision for Natural Hemp Botanicals is to provide customers with a trusted brand – one that has full transparency, and putting out a quality product to help comfort those in need. In this industry, the possibilities are endless. We plan to keep further expanding our product line and hope you will join us on this journey.