Types of CBD and what we use..

Types of CBD and what we use..

December 10th, 2019

There are many different types of CBD that are used in products. Three types in particular that are in the mainstream right now, that you should be educated about their differences!

It is important to know the difference so you can use this knowledge to be better informed about how it is processed, used for, and how it will effect you.  Each type of extraction has it's own process.  Two of which are without THC and one will have THC as part of the processing.  All of this will matter in what type of CBD you will want in your product.


It has a low hemp odor and is clear of any plant particles.  It is adaptable and used by many manufacturers in their products.  We have found this to be the best fit for CHILL.  We can reach more individuals who are curious about trying CBD for themselves without having to worry about the THC factor.  When using the Isolate, all compounds of the plant are removed, leaving only the CBD.  We then formulate the base lotion with our proprietary blend of essential oils that have properties for aiding in inflammation, pain, swelling, healing and comfort.  This puts terpenes back into the lotion and gives CHILL it's wonderful aroma and intensifies the favorable benefits your looking for.  This complex formula is what makes CHILL work so well!


This type of CBD has all the natural plant compounds except THC. It has a more potent odor, and possible plant particles. It will not contain THC, just like the isolate.  This will have additional CBD's in the product, which help in many ways.


Full spectrum is for the individual that doesn't have to worry about drug testing, and wants the combined (entourage) effects of THC and CBD.  Many prefer and want the THC in their product for the extra benefits that it provides.

We strive for transparency and education at Natural Hemp Botanicals. The more you know, the better your results.

Please do your research and educate yourself when picking a product that is specific for your needs.  If Isolate is not what your looking for, there are other brands available that offer Broad or Full Spectrum. We have Mastered CHILL with Isolate CBD, and are proud and confident in how it can help people.

We hope this information was helpful and made you feel less confused about choosing what will work best for you!  Always ask questions and don't hesitant to continue asking until you fully understand what your looking for. There will always be someone here to help.

-Natural Hemp Botanicals