The genius in combining Essential Oils and CBD Isolate.

The genius in combining Essential Oils and CBD Isolate.

We have taken two natural, powerful components of nature. Both of which have a huge success in helping people all over the world on their own.

We have done it!!! 

Chances are you have heard of Essential oils. Either your wife, grandma or sister uses them and has told you repeatedly how essential oils can literally cure EVERYTHING! Oils are everywhere. Right now, it is about a 4-billion-dollar market, which tells us there are A LOT of people using essential oils! But not only the money involved in essential oils, the amount of actual success stories in how essential oils have helped people across the globe are abundant. This industry has taken nature, the best form of medicine, and distilled it into a bottle for people of all walks of life to have their amazing benefits in the palms of their hands. AND ITS WORKING!

The list is endless on what alignments that all these oils can help with. Out there now there are 130+ oils that are produced. We did extensive research and trials on the best combination of oils that would give us optimal results in Chill. We ended up landing on a proprietary blend of 14!! There are more essential oils in our lotion than there is CBD. And that is because we’ve found that this blend is powerful in aiding discomfort on its own. But we choose to add the CBD, that is documented to relieve pain, just to give it an extra boost! The combination of CBD and essential oils has been revolutionary for pain!! When it comes to your comfort level and your daily way of life, you should have the best of the best. And that’s what we have done. Taken the Best of Both Worlds and combined them! CBD and Essential Oils.

CBD itself is known for its Anti-Inflammatory, muscle relaxing, easing muscle spasms, as well as calming anxiety. These effects are being shown throughout research, trials and testimonies. Already naturally occurring in our bodies is an endocannabinoid system. In present day, that system is not functioning at optimum levels. Adding more cannabinoids to your system, whether that be with CBD or THC, you are helping your body bring yourself back to homeostasis. When you take CBD of any form, since it naturally occurs in your body already, your body knows exactly what to do with it.

Instead of using synthetic drugs and chemicals when treating your body, use a natural alternative solution. We truly believe that we have created that high-quality product. We take two incredible natural and clean botanicals and brought them TOGETHER. Combining their benefits to work together to totally kick butt.


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