I used CBD lotion and got drug tested

November 19th, 2019

CBD is everywhere and so is a whole lot of information! About a 80/20 balance. 80% - amazing information: how CBD can change your life for the better, all the great things it can do for you and the wonderful benefits. 20% - Nay Sayers and terrible circumstances for individuals on their own personal experience. There is also so much hesitation when it comes to using CBD because of the lack of good education people receive. We have all heard those terrible scenarios people get into on the news. “She used CBD and got fired.” “This person used CBD and didn’t get the job”

Well we wanted to put it to the test!

I have been using Natural Hemp Botanicals product, Chill on and off for the last year. But more importantly I have used Chill the 500mg of CBD every day, 3-4 times a day for the last two weeks for this trial. I have applied the lotion to my hands, feet, neck, shoulders and back. Using the recommended amount Natural Hemp Botanicals suggests. I do not use any other CBD or THC products. These results will solely be on the use of Chill 500mg.

I went into Any Lab Test Now location in Vancouver. Got a urine and blood test for THC specifically.

  • They collected a vial of blood to test for THC
  • They also collected my urine for testing for THC.

The most common employment drug test is urine. It is very rare that an employer will test your blood, unless court ordered usually.

And then we waited...

December 2nd, 2019

Today we received the results of the drug test! Yay!

As much as I was 100% confident that it would come back negative, I didn’t have any official facts to back up my statement. I had yet to see anyone truly put their products to the test like this. I am now proud to say that I do!

  • My urine test came back negative for cannabinoids.
  • My blood test came back negative for cannabinoids.

There are three main types of CBD that are used in products right now. CBD Isolate (Natural Hemp Botanicals uses), Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. These are important to learn and know the difference, know what is in your product that you are using! This will absolutely affect how your drug tests could possibly come out. Because in those definition you will know if it contains THC or not. The reason we chose to use CBD Isolate is because it is a pure form of CBD only. We do still suggest to ALWAYS check third party lab results on companies and their products if they provide you with that information. Especially if you have a job that requires drug testing.


Our lab testing can be found on our website and will be linked to each batch. We strive for transparency.

**As a disclaimer, this is my own personal experiment and test. No doctors were involved, and everyone’s body reacts differently. Use your own judgement.