Testimonials are a great way to read and learn about how a product or service has helped other individuals. Then by reading testimonies, you can find some kind of relatable material that could then now go and help you!

Nancy M. – 05/02/2019

“Connie, I used “Chill” on bruised foot (on top) before I went to bed on Thursday night. Friday next morning bruise was gone! Pain level way down. Saturday swelling was gone as well.

Ali N. – 09/09/2019

“Had a panic attack in the middle of the night, woke up at 2:30 tried everything in the world and couldn’t calm down or go back to sleep – and guess what finally did the trick! Yall’s CBD lotion. Legit saved me and helped me calm down and go back to sleep. IT IS SO AMAZING!

Gene H.

“I had shoulder pain for several months and was taking both Aleve and Advil at night just so I could sleep, even then, I was still in pain. I had never tried a CBD product for pain and was definitely skeptical, I used CHILL for about 2 weeks and the pain actually went away. I have recommended CHILL to my friends and family.


“I suffer from headaches that start from neck and shoulder pain. I would usually take Ibuprofen to help with the pain so I can manage through the day with my kids and work. Now instead of taking a pill, I apply CHILL to the base of my neck, shoulders and most importantly for my headache.. I apply it behind my ears and all the way down my neck. For me, this has been a life saver!! I apply often, about every hour or two. It absolutely helps my headache soften instead of becoming debilitating.”

Sheri F.

“I used the 500 CBD salve and it helped take my pain completely away in my right knee (recent injury/tear in the meniscus). It also helped with the inflammation. I put it on at bedtime and I slept solid.”